The PCC Retiree Network is the spontaneous creation of a number of individual retirees who wished to continue the exceptional friendships they developed over their many years of employment at the college. Organized in March of 2011, the Network was designed to promote social interaction and communication among all retirees of Portland Community College. The long-term goal of the organization is to build a structure that will facilitate Network members’ participation in college service projects of their choice, as well as those assisting fellow members. Currently our group is developing a menu of enjoyable activities and select community projects at our monthly meetings on the Sylvania campus. We retirees are the fabric of the history and legacy of the college and are being honored as such by PCC during this, the year-long 50th anniversary of PCC’s founding. Through the Network and the Foundation, you will receive notice of the collection of related events, and we urge you to participate in them.

The Retiree Network is a Not-for-Profit group, organized under the auspices of the Portland Community College Foundation. Eligible members include all interested retirees and former employees of Portland Community College.

Network Organizers

Gary Lesniak Co-Chair garylesniak@yahoo.com (971) 255-0223(503) 307-3008
Jan Law Co-Chair janlaw73@gmail.com (503) 639-7208
Betty Kendall Treasurer bettykendall@aol.com (503) 223-0016
Dick Hollenbeck Secretary dickhollenbeck@aol.com (503) 630-4074
Berniece Owen Newsletter Editor Berniece.owen@comcast.net (503) 857-0411
Jerry Donnelly Newsletter Editor jdonnell@pcc.edu (503) 528-8273

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