Survey: Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Among the many decisions that retirees face, choosing a provider for supplemental Medicare insurance can be one of the more important.  Your PCC Retiree Network has been asked by a recently retired colleague for advice about making this choice.  This short survey is specifically seeking your help with this subject.   In responding to these questions, please remember that the Retiree Network web page is a ‘public page’, so although personal medical circumstances may influence your decision on this subject, you don’t want to share specific personal medical information here.

Below this post after the ‘share buttons’ you’ll see the phrase, ‘leave a comment’ (or if others have already added comments you’ll see ‘2 comments’).  Click on that phrase to read the comments others have made and to get a ‘comment box’ to add your comment.

Please tell us first whether you chose a plan offered through PERS or opted for a private plan.  Then tell us who the provider is and/or what they call the plan (e.g.,  Kaiser, ‘Senior Advantage’).

What factors most influenced your decision (e.g., cost of coverage, convenience of premium payment options, etc.)?

Finally, tell us briefly what pros and/or cons you perceive with your choice and how you would rate their handling of your claims?




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3 Responses to Survey: Supplemental Medicare Insurance

  1. Lynn Mayer says:

    I enrolled in Kaiser Senior Advantage because I was already a subscriber and had
    been very satisfied with Kaiser’s service for many years. I can honestly say I have
    no complaints until now with respect to quality of care, cost, or otherwise.

  2. Gary Lesniak says:

    Well I too went with the PERS Kaiser option and added the Senior Advantage plan. I once had a cheaper Blue Cross plan but the deductibles and claim denials were costly and frustrating, as well as the paper work required. Kaiser pays most everything for $15 copayment per visit and $200 for major surgeries that may require a several day hospital stay with little or no paperwork. You might want to project whether you plan to stay living within your Kaiser service district which is a requirement

  3. John Sneed says:

    PERS Health ODS supplement plan.Even though it has substantial premiums it comes with a state subsidy, and no hassle payment. Every renewal I think I am going to shop for something cheaper but then decide that it is not worth the aggravation, and once you drop PERS plans you cannot go back.

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