Library Seeks Retiree ‘Judges’

The “Library Prize” is an award for the best student research paper in the previous year. Students don’t write or create anything specifically for the prize. Rather, they can submit any “A” paper and four are chosen as the winners. Each receives an award of $300.

In the past, retired library employees have acted as judges but this year they aren’t available. Tony Greiner has asked for the Retiree Network’s assistance in finding some retirees who would be interested in serving as judges.

Here’s how Tony describes the process and role of the judges: Entries are due at the end of the first week of Spring term. There are typically about 110 entrees. Entries are divided into 4 groups (one for ESOL and 115 level classes, 3 for anything else). The ESOL judge just picks a winner (there are normally only about 10-15 entrees) and the other judges get about 30 each. They read through them and pick their top 3. Then all three judges read the final 9, (3 from each judge) and pick the top 3 overall.

Normally there are about 2 weeks to do this. Judging categories are pretty open, as it has been difficult to come up with a scoring rubric that works for all sorts of entries. The entries had to get an A, be created for a PCC class in the last 12 months (Spring, Summer, Fall 2013, Winter 2014) and incorporate research in some manner. (In other words, poems, personal essays and fiction are not eligible.)

Tony has one judge lined up, but needs two more. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Tony directly at either of these email addresses: or

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