Looking Back

NO TOPRiver Walk and River Bike July 18th 

Barbara Raz led the River Walk. She reports: “We walked under blue skies along the shoreline trail on Portland’s Willamette as far as the tram, had a cup’a iced coffee and headed back. Great morning for a walk on the river! Got us back a little after 11:30 am.”

Gary Lesniak and John Pergiel led the River Bike. Made the loop biking between The Sellwood and Steel Bridge with nothing but a light breeze during the fine scenic trip. We got back at noon after a leisurely ride on a perfect, sunny warm day. We stopped for a latte’ and cookie at an outdoor Harborside cafe. Then witnessed a police training exercise in the river with a sniper cop atop a Sheriff boat shooting ( Bang) and taking out a “bad guy” in a ski boat. Not everyday… We suffered no wounds or casualties and rode on. John and I concurred in the years we have lived in this city, it has gotten better and better, especially in in this stretch. Can’t say that about many other cities. Feeling proud.” Shall do this again for sure.

John wrote: “Great ride. Perfect weather. Not crowded. Even had a little SWAT team training action on the river. Police boats, terrorists (I suspect) and what sounded like real sniper rifles. The coffee stop was a nice addition. Thanks Gary Lesniak…nicely orchestrated.”

Yvonne Williams reports that the Happy Hour Gathering on the river at Newport Bay was a successful interlude enjoyed by about 14 Network members. Next time she promises pictures!

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