Living with Your Adult Kids Can Be A Fine Idea!

NO TOPIntergenerational households are becoming rather popular. Especially with the recent economic crisis and shrinking job market, there is an increase in the number of graduates or laid off workers needing to live with their parents or grandparents. The term, “Boomerang Generation” is being used for them. But some are choosing to meld their households “because it just makes sense”. In fact, as I write this feature, my wife and I are talking about buying a duplex style house with a daughter, son-in-law and grandchild and sharing expenses. According to the Pew Research Center, almost 3 out of 10 adults say that they have moved in with their parents in recent years. Hey, but it seems to be not all that problematic and stressful a large group of these parents and children say. In fact, there are benefits to both sides, financially and with their relationship. Interested? See what Pew has found at:

To cut the risk of problems from this situation, often unplanned, I suggest reading the suggestions in this short article:

And good luck to us who choose this path!

Submitted by Gary Lesniak 

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