River Walk or River Bike July 18th


We will have a double event which folks can choose between a River Walk or River Bike circuit, both starting by the boat launch at Willamette Park in John’s Landing at 9:30AM on Thursday, July18th . Both options will take about 2 to 3 hours or so from their mutual starting point. Should you want just a one-way trip or if you poop out we will have a “sag wagon” parked near the Harborside so you can have the option to ride back to your car while the others continue on, walking or biking, back to Willamette Park.

The River Walk (a.k.a., “Trail, Tram and Tea”) will be led by Barbara Raz. She will take you for a stroll down the scenic river Trail along the Willamette River, take the group up and back for the view on the OHSU Aerial Tram ($4), then on to downtown Harborside area for iced Tea (or whatever). Later she will return back south to the starting point in Willamette Park. RSVP for the River Walk to Barbara at braz@teleport.com or call 503 754-0942.

River Bike group will be led by John Pergiel. John will lead the biking group the same direction but ride all the way along Waterfront Park to the Steel Bridge, crossing the river on the pedestrian walkway, south along the east side of the Willamette, past Oaks Park, crossing the Sellwood Bridge and then on the wooded trail to Willamette Park. No velodrome pacing. On this virtually flat route we will allow for catching one’s breath, sightseeing and snacking. RSVP for biking to johnpergiel@gmail.com Or call 503-244-9672

Tram in the Clouds event1-1

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