NO TOPTitles Under Consideration for Future Reads. What is your selection?

1. The Girl That Fell from the Sky by Heidi Durrow (Portland author) is the story of a biracial girl struggling with her identity and her mysterious, complicated family history.

2. Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan – On Corporate Greed

3. Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand – About a downed American pilot who became a prisoner of war in wartime Japan.

4. Social Animal by David Brooks – What we have discovered about the scientific and social scientific basis of human nature using the story of a fictional couple.

5. Jack Kennedy by Chris Mathews – A biography on JFK that highlights his flaws as well as his accomplishments.

6. Crasher by Dana Haynes (from PCC ) – A bestselling widescreen, high-concept action thriller centered on a team of airplane crash investigators — the National Transportation Safety Board’s “Go-Team.”

7. Any Book by Nora Roberts. [Jan Law and Berniece Owen confess to being fans. Anybody else?]

8. How about books by Lawrence Block?

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