We had a great turnout for the Ridgefield Bird Preserve field trip! Twenty-two intrepid PCC retired folks and two still-employed faculty members boarded the PCC bus at the CLIMB Center on Saturday, April 6, in hopes of observing the spring migration. We were not disappointed! Armed with bird guides, binoculars, rain gear, and snacks we spotted 22 different species on the auto tour route around the preserve. Fortunately several participants had experience telling one bird from another, which added to the pleasure of being there. Sadly, of the many beaver we saw, all turned out to be nutria. Still, the eagles and the herons more than made up for the mammalian errors. To say nothing of the beautiful, American bittern.



Here is a list of the birds we saw:
 Pied-billed grebe American bittern Great blue heron Great egret
Canada goose Wood duck Eurasian wigeon Mallard
Northern shoveler Northern pintail Common goldeneye Barrow’s goldeneye
Common merganser Hooded merganser Northern harrier American coot
Bald eagle American crow Violet-green swallow Fox sparrow
White-crowned sparrow Red-winged blackbird



The PCC Birders were Barbara Raz (2), Susan Bach (2), Michelle Grina (2), Barb & Rich VanAmerongen, Carol Handy (2), Betty Kendall (2), Dick Hollenbeck (1), Flora Lippert (1), Berniece Owen (1), Gary Lesniak (1), John Pergiel (1), Shannon Ansley (1), Marilyn Thomas (1), Jerry Ekstrom (1), Byron Rendar (2)

[Editor’s note: I seem to be one name short; my apologies!]

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